Culver City Roadside Assistance (424) 230-3316

If you’re in Culver City, either as a resident or a visitor, you, more than likely, probably love to enjoy the great outdoors, hang by the beach or even relax in an amazing nightlife.  Chances are, at some point in time, you or someone you know, have either left their keys in their locked car, ran out of gas on the street or freeway, or ran out of battery life in their car.  We understand, here at Culver City Roadside Assistance that having a car is both a blessing, and a curse.  At the times when we get to the car and it runs great and we have a fantastic day, it’s a blessing.  However, when we become reliant on our cars and when it fails on us, we become lost, and confused on what to do.  Thank goodness you have our number right?

In case you were wondering, what services can we offer you?

Well, the following is a very accurate list of services that we offer:

•           Jump-starts

•           Changing Flat Tires

•           Wheel-lock Solutions

•           Refilling the Radiator

•           Ignition Changes

•           Gas Deliveries

•           Make Keys

•           So much more!

Culver city roadside assistance

All of our technicians have been working with us for many years now, and we have the experience of 20 or so years to support our work ethics.  Feel free to give us a call today at (phone number).  We will come by, armed with professional-grade tools, work on your vehicle, and handle all services that you may need from us.  Our operators are standing by, so give us a call immediately.

Once again, the number to call is (424) 230-3316.  We look forward to speaking with you.